Justina's World | “Write Me a Song” and “Believe” Used in LaVerne College Student Film “Mind Running”
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“Write Me a Song” and “Believe” Used in LaVerne College Student Film “Mind Running”

I know I posted something awhile ago about a student film from LaVerne College in California, using my music in their film called “Mind Running”

Well I have finally been able to find it , and here it is!

They ended up using “Write Me a Song” in the intro, & “Believe” at the end.  Also don’t mind the typo in the end credits “Believe Radio”.  They must’ve followed that exact name , as it was the file name I used so I would recognize that I was sending them the mastered track. (I have about a bagillion versions of all my songs in my itunes, scratch tracks, pre production tracks, finished tracks, then finally the master, so sometimes I temporarily change the file names so i can easily recognize what is the master aka radio ready edit. I mustve forgotten to change it back hahah!) So please overlook this little error LoL ..

And now , without further adieu, I present you “Mind Running” , courtesy of LaVerne College


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