Justina's World | What a Wonderful World (Ukulele Louis Armstrong Cover Song)
Justina Carubia performs What a Wonderful World (Ukulele Louis Armstrong Cover Song)
What a Wonderful World (Ukulele Louis Armstrong Cover Song)
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What a Wonderful World (Cover) Music Video Premiere, FREE Mp3 Download and SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!

Hello Everyone!

Thanks so much for watching my new music video for my “What a Wonderful World” ukulele cover song. This song was written by George Douglas and George David Weiss, and was performed and made famous by Louis Armstrong in 1967.

This video came about when a friend just simply requested that I cover the song, and I’m usually pretty lazy with requests (well, not lazy… just get busy with other things…) But after learning this song, I really wanted to record it… and then I had the vision for a music video and well… it just really seemed to take on a life of its own! So I’m really excited to bring this to you…

On top of enjoying this music video, I will also be releasing the mp3 download for FREE as well as some information on how you can get a flower crown (just like the one I’m wearing in my music video), customized FOR you, and handcrafted BY me πŸ™‚

Also if you have simple song requests that I can do with just ukulele and vocal, then leave it in the comments, and just maybe I’ll do your request next!


For Flower Crown Info,Β PLEASE CLICK HERE!

Comments? Questions?
Email me personally at Info@JustinasWorld.com
Produced, Arranged, and Perfomed on Ukulele and Vocals by
Justina Carubia

Audio Mixing & Mastering
by Avinash Patel

Video Vision and Direction by Justina Carubia
Director of Photography by Avinash Patel
Shot on Location at Colonial Park in Somerset New Jersey
Warddrobe supplied by Kristin Turner
Flower Crown designed and handcrafted by Justina Carubia
in promotion for her new line Bohemian Magic Studios.

Video Edited by Justina Carubia
All Promotional Material Surrounding this Video Designed by Justina Carubia.

Β©2015 Justina’s World

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