Justina's World | Justina tries out the Autumnal Equinox Tarot Spread by Tarot by Ellie
Justina tries out the Autumnal Equinox Tarot Spread by Tarot by Ellie
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Happy Autumnal Equinox, Mabon Blessings, and Trying the Autumn Tarot Spread by Tarot By Ellie

Justina's Mabon Blessings and Autumn Tarot Spread 2015 (Courtesy of Tarot By Ellie)

Justina’s Mabon Blessings and Autumn Tarot Spread 2015 (Courtesy of Tarot By Ellie)

HAPPY AUTUMN EQUINOX AND MABON TO ALL MY FELLOW LITTLE WITCHIES! I have decided to share my little altar space where I can celebrate the season and reflect on thoughts and feelings for the season. I found a wonderful customized spread by #TarotbyEllie that I felt would really give me a broad idea of what to expect this Autumn Season… because let’s face it.. .this is the season where I feel, personally, that I just BURST to life with creative and spiritual energy. Please Check out Ellie’s blog for more Tarot Fun! http://www.tarotbyellie.com/blog

I will be reading my own spread today with the original Rider Waite deck. I will randomly pull one card to represent each question.

1.What is my harvest?

10 of Swords

To start of with this may seem like a very violent card, but I believe it’s all how you interpret it. Swords can represent conflict, aggression, but swords rules the mind so it can also represent intellect. So I am interpreting this as INTELLECT being my harvest: the gift of KNOWLEDGE. 10 is the number of attainment, so this represents my attainment of that knowledge. Knowledge is power and it’s what’s really going to propel me forward in manifesting the life of my dreams, which is making a living off of my creative and spiritual endeavors.. and trying to find a way to seamlessly blend the two aspects of myself. The past month I have been diving WAY deeper into my divinational studies (Tarot 101 Course with #TheHeartToHeartInstitute courtesy of @Kristen Burkhardt-Hanson), and attending motivational and personal development summits courtesy of @Shai Ford and #WildSisterMagazine which is showcasing a small arsenal of POWER Women who have succeeded in the same field, to which I aspire to succeed in. I’m also working on my personal branding and trying to learn more about how to run an online business between course sales and Etsy shops. Over the year I have DOVE into the wonderful world of WORDPRESS and taught myself the ropes of running a personal blog, in order to put my best foot forward with my online presence…  I have really been submerging myself DEEP into my studies… and I am really seeing this card as possible burnout due to the amount of study. I mean a human brain can only retain so much at once. It is a bit overwhelming and I now know I need to proceed with caution to avoid that burnout, but I believe that KNOWLEDGE and my intellect will be my harvest in the long run.

2.How can I best spend this autumn season?

King of Cups

I knew exactly what this card represented when I looked at it. The KING is a male energy and the cups represents LOVE (can also represent intuition, emotions)… I just know this card represents @Apatel225, my love and best friend who shares the SAME obsession of the Autumn Season, Halloween, and all things Spooky with me. Autumn has always been OUR time together…We always find interesting and spirit ridden activities to do and enjoy throughout the Fall season, whether it’s Pumpkin or Apple Picking, Baking, checking out new festive fall craft beers and ciders, taking trips to haunted places of history like Salem, MA or Sleepy Hollow, NY (This week we’re going to a WOLF SANCTUARY in Lancaster, PA, in celebration of my dad’s birthday AND the Harvest Full Moon… I mean… HOW COOL IS THAT!?) So this is just OUR time to enjoy our favorite season together. King of Cups is TOTALLY Avi and represents the abundance of love and fun we will have together this Autumn season. *One thing I totally missed earlier that I JUST realized, is that the suit of Cups is ruled by the element of water and astrologically speaking, Pisces is a water sign… and Avi is indeed a Pisces. CRAZY ACCURATE! 🙂

3. How can I best close off this year?

Ace of Wands

I’m actually LOVING this card because the Ace represents a sudden change or the start of something new. The wands represents the fire and passion for all that I put my heart and soul into, and it’s also that element of action, which leads to manifestation. This is a very positive and reassuring card to me, it lets me know that all my efforts are not in vain, and if I just stay the course, then the Universe will work its magic and things will start to happen in my favor. Ace cards are symbolic of sudden change brought on by the powers that be: the Universe… and the wands tells me this will be a sudden change as a result of all of my physical and manual efforts… lighting the fire under my own ass to create change in my own life. It may seem like it will come out of nowhere when things finally happen… but it will really only be the result of the little things I have been chiseling away at for the past however many months or years, in order to get to that point.

4. How can I find more balance in my life?

2 of Wands

Two of wands is a great card for this question… it almost screamed out at me “HELLO CAPTAIN OBVIOUS…. TAKE A CHILL PILL!” The number 2 alone is the number of BALANCE. The wands is representative of ACTION… BUT… between the 2 wands our figure is standing with a globe/earth on his hand, and his foot planted on solid ground, which to me says that amidst all of my crazy action I’m taking to get to where I want to be… I also need to take a step back and keep myself grounded. This figure is looking out on an oasis… there are some things that have already come to fruition for him… but he (I, rather) really needs to take that time out from that action, and admire the fruits of his (my) labor. I think this card is telling me that in order to find more balance in my life, I need to stay grounded, contemplate on what I have already achieved, and practice GRATITUDE! Excellent answer, Universe… THANK YOU!

5. What could I find if I descend in the dark and look inward at this time?

3 of Wands 

My Last card in this reading is the 3 of wands. The figure here cloaked in red, represents me enveloped in all of my passions… I think the green I am wearing here is also representative of that earthiness and reminds me to stay grounded as well. It seems like the figure is facing the horizon overlooking the sunset, and sunsets for me represent contemplation of the action I have yet to take. I think this card represents the plans and things I am mentally making note of now, in order to expand my “horizons” so to speak, for the future (how’s that metaphor Kristen! 🙂 ) ! There are mountains in the distance so there may be some rough terrain that I have to get myself through in order to come out a more experienced and well rounded individual. The overall yellow tones the card just screams RADIANCE to me…the radiance brought bout by reflecting and doing the deep inner work… Contemplation is key before any plan of action. And it’s so funny because just last night… I had actually sat down with a paper and pen, and mapped out my goals for October, and my LONGTERM goals for my magazine, working all the way up until the new year. I was amending some things, and trying to innovate things in a way that would be fruitful to me. Trying to monetize things has always been a dream and even a personal struggle of mine.. but that passion and determination keeps me fueled toward that… This spread is SO Wand Heavy for me, so it’s definitely singing Alicia Keys to me .. it knows… “THIS GIRL IS ON FIRE!”

Thanks @TarotByEllie for this wonderful spread… I encourage you to all try to give yourselves your own readings… it helps greatly with personal insight in prepping you for the season ahead. Happy Autumn Equinox and Mabon blessings to all <3

Blessed Be …

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