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Today’s tarot spread in the garden … Interpretation coming soon! #tarot #joiedevivretarot #paulinacassidy

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Tarot is a wonderful form of divination that can really shed some light and give us great insight about issues we are having a hard time resolving throughout our day to day lives. There has always been such a negative stigma that come with the usage of tarot, and many often associate them with dark or evil connotations. That couldn’t be farther from the truth, as I personally feel that they can offer you a beautiful outlook on your life and give great advice as to how you can interact and react to people and situations around you.


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For my Abra-zine readers and contributors for this upcoming fall issue- the strength card from the Joie de Vivre tarot deck. Patience embraces a winged lion, Intrepid, who is the physical manifestation of her inner beast and strength. Fear and anger are replaced with compassion...