Justina's World | Stereofame Artist of the Month Review from January 2010
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Stereofame Artist of the Month Review from January 2010

Hey all … Here is a little a review/interview I found on Stereofame.com, of my second Artist of the Month win from January 2010.  Yea it’s a few months old news, but I did the interview back in January, and they never notified me when they posted it, so I kinda forgot about it.  But I was doing some updates with my press kit, and I searched for the review, and found it… so here it is! Enjoy… Thank you to Dennis, and Stereofame.com for the awesome interREview ,lol. Here it goes:
Stereofame.com January 2010 Artist of the Month – Justina: Part Cyndi Lauper, part Michelle Branch, New Jersey-born singer/songwriter Justina is all talent. Listening to Justina’s powerful vocals, one can hardly believe that a voice with such command and self-assuredness comes from a 26 year-old girl who stands all of 4’11”.

With irresistible hooks and refreshingly personal lyrics, Justina is asserting herself as a rising star in the female singer/songwriter landscape. Her ability to bounce from gentle love ballads to Beatles-esque pop tunes with heart and honesty has earned her the honor of being chosen as Stereofame.com’s first repeat Artist of the Month winner.

“It’s like being on a virtual micro-label,” Justina said of Stereofame. “You can upload your music to a mass audience and there’s nothing to lose, it’s an awesome thing to be a part of.”

Since receiving a guitar on her 18th birthday, Justina has immersed herself in the craft of songwriting, a pursuit that she says comes with its highs and lows.

“Sometimes good ideas will just hit me and sometimes I have to force them out,” she said. “It’s different every time but that’s what is so great about songwriting, it can be so frustrating…but ultimately it’s very rewarding to be able to put your emotions into something positive.”

Despite her soulful sound, Justina is an unabashed “chick rock” devotee. In addition to counting artists like Pat Benatar and Stevie Nicks among her influences, Justina credits the aforementioned Branch with giving her the motivation to take herself seriously as an artist.

“(Branch) is the whole reason I picked up the guitar when I did,” Justina said. “She had just come out when I was 18 and she was really the only young girl out there that played her own instrument and I was really inspired by that.”

Most importantly, Justina clings to the belief that her integrity as an artist defines her sound.

“I hate the whole lip-synching thing,” she said. “It’s so fake, I just like real music and real artists who put creativity into every aspect of it.”

One thing is for certain, Justina is the determined to share the creativity inside of her with the rest of the world.

“I wake up in the morning, get ready, get in the shower and I’ll have a hook in my head that just needs to get out.”

As Stereofame’s January 2010 Artist of the Month, Justina will get valuable exposure to an international audience in addition to a $1,000 prize. Stereofame is a one-of-a-kind community where artists are judged objectively by the listening audience. Artists gather more points as they rise in rank and refer their fans from other sites. Plus, artists can sell their music here, too, so they’re getting serious points while making money, something iTunes doesn’t offer!

Listeners are also rewarded for their input, as they can earn points for listening to a song and giving it a “thumbs up or down,” and writing thoughtful reviews. They can help talented artists get the attention they deserve by signing artists to their virtual record label and then promoting their signed artists to their friends. Of course, fans get tons of points for buying music and bringing people to the site, too. All these points can be cashed in for various prizes such as iPods, musical equipment, gift cards and more.

Think you’ve got what in takes to be Stereofame’s next Artist of the Month? Then go to Stereofame.com and upload three songs to www.Stereofame.com/contest/aom. And if you’re a fan, log on to Stereofame.com today to help some of tomorrow’s biggest and brightest stars get heard and earn some sweet prizes at the same time!

posted by Dennis, Tuesday, January 12, 2010 at 7:10 AM

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