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I have always been extremely drawn to and intrigued by the mystic and metaphysical realm. As a teenager, I would read books about new age subjects, astrology, symbology and the occult for hours on end. I grew up in organized religion but something always seemed lacking there for me. As I grew into my own womanhood, I naturally gravitated toward more earth-based belief systems. I began to seek knowledge wherever it would present itself to me, whether it was in music, art, youtube tutorials and vlogs, podcasts, books, nature, meditation. I believe spirituality is an ever-evolving quest, and a very personal one at that. I believe that we should be allowed to believe whatever we wish to believe as long as we don’t impose those onto others. So if you do not agree with the things I have to share here, that is ok. You do not have to agree, but please be respectful. Much Love and Beautiful Blessings <3 – Justina xoxoΒ 


Come sit a spell and join me in creating something magical! I love trying new recipes and wonderfully witchy projects that make life just that much more enchanting! You can often find me in the shade, under my crabapple tree, having a cocktail (or 2)…

Do you have an idea for a project video that you’d like to see me do? Please feel free to email me at Info@JustinasWorld.com!



Daily Tarot

Justina's Daily Tarot 8/17/15

Come visit me for daily spreads, exercises, and other advice surrounding this Β magickally mystic for of divination known as TAROT!


Justina's Dream Journal

I have always been fascinated by the realm of dreams. I usually have extremely vivid dreams which are often hard to remember if I don’t write them down right away. Come visit my dream blog to read my most recent dreamscapes and my interpretation of the symbology that can be found within them!