Justina's World | Release Fear With This 4 Card Tarot Spread 
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Release Fear With This 4 Card Tarot Spread 

Release Fear With This 4 Card Tarot Spread - Justina's World

The World card from The Original Rider-Waite Tarot Deck. Click to purchase on Amazon!

Tarot Healing Spread for World Tragedies and Other Disasters

In wake of the most current world events, it is human nature as an empath or just a human being with the most basic sense of compassion to want to withdraw from the constant news stories of crime, hate, murder, and violence. That is perfectly normal and there is no shame in reacting this way. It is scary, depressing, and very overwhelming. However, there comes a point when we can’t hide in fear anymore, and we are only doing a disservice to the world by not speaking up and having our voices heard, because chances are, there is someone else who needs to hear words of encouragement to move them out of the shadows of fear and into love and light so they can also be of service to someone else, and so on and so on. I speak a lot about this in my most recent free course: An Exercise in Healing for a Wounded World in which we create a world peace inspired work of Art Therapy, based on a quote by Mother Teresa. She said: “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples…”   We need more light workers in the world, because love will always prevail over evil if we all do the work. And we must. I wanted to do a Tarot Spread today to help us deal with tragedy and overcome the natural fear that comes with it. I am just using cards I flipped for myself, so this exercise is more on a personal level specific to me… but this reading is definitely relatable to anyone who went through the same range of emotions as I have over the past few days. Also, definitely feel free to flip and read your own cards if you are curious as to what the answers to these questions are, specific to you!


Release Fear With This 4 Card Tarot Spread

Release Fear With This 4 Card Tarot Spread - Justina's World

Releasing Fear 4 Card Spread – Using the Original Rider-Waite Tarot Deck. Click to purchase on Amazon!


1. How the world seems to be dealing with this tragedy?

Release Fear With This 4 Card Tarot Spread - Justina's World

4 of Wands – Original Rider-Waite

4 of Wands 

So I have to say this one seems pretty accurate at this time. 4 of wands represents a sort of unity, coming together as one to form our forcefield of love after this tragedy our world has just experienced, and all the tragedies prior to this one that have happened over the years. It is so amazing how through hard times like this, we really see the good in people. The evil that seeps through the cracks is minimal compared to the abundance of love that happens as a result of said evil trying to destroy the good. The thing is that they never will. There is way more good in the world than there is evil, and as long as we stand together as one, as long as we come together in unity, love cannot be destroyed. I am seeing this 4 of wands as the ultimate lightworker card, and this is so ringing true right now to anyone who has been a help to any of the victims of any of the countries affected by all of this hate and violence at this time. Dear Lightworkers of the world, keep doing what you are doing, and the receivers of that love, keep paying it forward. These simple acts of kindness is what is going to save this world.




2. How I am personally dealing with this tragedy?

Release Fear With This 4 Card Tarot Spread - Justina's World

Queen of Wands – Original Rider-Waite

Queen of Wands 

She sits upon her throne armed with her wand (action) and compassion (sunflower). She is warm and loving and I would say that her way of dealing with hardship is to nurture those who she feels need it the most. And I would have to say that is extremely accurate for how I have decided to handle the things going on right now. You see initially I did feel like I couldn’t bear to live another day in this crazy world, and it was depressing, and was extremely upsetting and crippling to me. I spent most of this past weekend lacking any sense of motivation, completely jaded and just turned off by it all. I felt like nothing I did mattered, when so many people were just wiped away, just like that. I felt so small and helpless in this huge and very corrupted world. But then as the next few days passed, I realized that I wasn’t doing anyone any good by wallowing in this fear and sadness. I had to take action (wands)… I had to get out and spread my message of love and light and help others who felt the same as I did, get up and do the same. That is why I created my most recent workshop in healing, that is why I am writing this blog post right now! This whole situation has made me feel so much more compassionate in not judging others, because hey.. I could be in their exact same position. The cat sitting upon the Queen of Wands’s foot, to me, symbolizes her gift of insight. Black cats are synonymous with witchy women who are known to have a natural ability to be in tune with her own inner voice. I think this cat symbolizes me being true to my own inner voice and guiding light, and if I keep following that, I can only keep helping the ones who need it the most. By doing all of this, I am raising my own vibration and in turn attracting others to do the same.. which is symbolized by the Queen sitting high on her throne… Her vibration is at an all time high with the work she is doing. I think the message here is that no matter how much tragedy there is in the world.. I need to just keep sharing my compassion, my gift of insight and action to change the world for the better.


3. How can I be of service?

Release Fear With This 4 Card Tarot Spread - Justina's World

4 of Swords – Original Rider-Waite

4 of Swords 

Like I said before, before I felt compelled to stand up and take action, I really felt the need to lie in the murkiness of sorrow for the world. That is completely normal, we can’t be superman or woman ALL the time. We are only human and sometimes we have to have moments of ultimate low before we can be inspired to reach moments of ultimate high, or inspiration to take action and be of service to others. What good are we if we remain lying in that murk. The 4 of swords represents someone who is at rest, or in a meditative and relaxed state. This can also be someone who is in a recuperative state from a trauma, and while not all of us have suffered physical trauma, we are indeed infected with the poison that we see and hear on the news and social media on a daily basis. Every bad thing that we see, we are subconsciously stressed by and we don’t even realize it. Then when a tragedy of a large magnitude comes along, the news of that can literally shut down an overly sensitive person, and if you’re an empath, forget about it. Don’t know what an empath is? Check out my blog post on my experience as one HERE! I definitely felt like before I could be of service to ANYONE, I definitely had to be alone with my thoughts, and just sit out from this game called like, for a few days. During this process, I had some time to think about how I wanted to be of service exactly. It wasn’t meditation per say, but it was definitely a brainstorming process while I had the time to mentally recuperate from the trauma my soul had experienced for the world. Again, this very blog post and my Art Therapy exercise is a product of that process, and it’s the only way that I feel I can really express or be of service to others who are feeling the same way. All I can do is continue to spread the positive messages of love and inspiration for others to immerse themselves in, even through our darkest time.


5. How can I release the fears that naturally come with massive tragedy so that I CAN be of service? 

Release Fear With This 4 Card Tarot Spread - Justina's World

5 of Pentacles – Original Rider-Waite

5 of Pentacles 

5 of Pentacles depicts a poverty stricken couple, trudging through the cold winter with only the clothes on their back and no place to call their home. They are pushing through and pressing on even when things are beyond their control. This card is a lot about relinquishing control and security or the need to be or feel secure at all times. I think this card is reassuring me that not everything will be in my control all the time, and I have to make peace with that. However, going back to the 4 of Swords… the figure there is resting, but they are also sleeping with one of their swords. So even though he has made peace with the inability to be in control at ALL times, he is still very much on guard and aware of his surroundings. He will always be prepared for tragedy if the time does come. I think the more we prepare ourselves for something that COULD happen, by being aware of our surroundings , the more we will be able to live in flow, and free ourselves from those fears that might be holding us back from living life because of something that may or may not happen. This is in fact a crazy world, and we should always be prepared, but let’s not let it hold us back from actually living. I have to make peace with my need to be in control, and accept whatever life decides to throw my way, and by understanding this concept and making this peace, I can then release that fear. So in conclusion – Don’t stop living, let go of that control that those harmful horrible excuses for human beings think they have over us  – but also be aware and on guard, and have a plan of action for any type of potentially dangerous situation you might find yourself in.


I hope you found this exercise helpful, again feel free to pull your own cards for each of these questions, or even feel free to ask your own questions! And if you feel like you need a little extra love and support right now, or just remain inspired through this dark time,  definitely check out my very first FREE mini-course An Exercise in Healing for a Wounded World

wounded world workshop cover


Much love and light to you all!

Stay safe….



  • Kristen Burkhardt-Hanson
    Posted at 13:14h, 20 November Reply

    Hello Justina!

    Oh my Goodness! THIS is an amazing blog and an amazing article!! Wow girl, you really really have a true gift with the Tarot and writing! Great job!! I love this spread and I love your interpretations that you channeled. Very simple and to the point.

    You know, this is such a difficult time for so many people right now and I think the tragedy in Paris caused folks to remember 911 and that fear and uncertainty that we felt for so long. As Empaths and Intuitives I think some of us take on that emotional pain because we know what tragedy feels like. Your reading gives us an excellent tool to help actualize and release what we’re holding on to, at least that’s what it does for me. I like the way you take us from the Collective view; how the world is coping because that energy feeds into us if we allow it, How we’re affected by it, how we can be of service, because getting busy is better than sitting.around and thinking. And how can we release the fear to take the action!

    Thank you for creating the reading I’m goingto do it right now and I have to download your free e-course!!

    look at you, you’re a Spiritual Entrepreneur!!

    Kristen Burkhardt-Hanson

    • Admin
      Posted at 14:02h, 20 November Reply

      Kristen! Thank you so much for the lovely comment! I look forward to your results after trying this reading with your own cards! Definitely share your insights here if you feel comfortable enough to do so! Please forward this post along to anyone else who you think might need it….My Art Course is not available for download YET, but if you go to the lead page in the link above, you can just leave your e-mail in the form available and I will notify everyone who signed up for it, once it is released! I am looking at early next week sometime! I am really excited to release this, I think it will be great fun for everyone, and really release some of the negative gunk pent up inside after last week…


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