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Primavera by Francesca Lia Block (Book Review)

Primavera by Francesa Lia Block Book Review

Primavera by Francesa Lia Block Book Review by Justina Carubia

So I feel the need to kinda praise this book for a moment, because it is nothing like I have ever read before… Not even for a FLB book. I am used to her imagery and poetic prose within her dark fairytale novels, but this is something more.  This book is like a dream that I have forgotten long after waking up only to remember months later.  Primavera , our protagonist, sets out on a surreal journey of self discovery.  She was raised in a desert unlike any other, lush with greens, animals, vegetation, love… She is able to sing life into the atmosphere, growing flowers with her voice. But she yearns for something more, outside of the realm of her upbringing, the only place she had ever known: The Desert.

She sets out on a journey upon a motorcycle given to her by a desert stranger in exchange for one of her songs.  Despite her family’s opinions and worries about the dangers which lie in Elysia, a city they have long since fled, Primavera decides to go anyway. Along the way she encounters playful yet scary characters like River, the bird boy, The lost boy styled gang of beach boys with sharp teeth who beg for her songs,  The Giants who get off on reciting nursery rhymes, bonfires, mermaid carcasses, and the graffiti grime of a city: Neverland.

Not keeping off track for too long, she ventures to Elysia, exploring the carnivals of the city of mirrors, circuses and carousels, nightclubs, bright lights and superficial youth.  She sings of paper flowers here, and the synthetic town she once craved is now starting to suffocate her.  Twists & turns down to Underworlds and back make her realize what she once had.

Will she ever get back to the Desert Land?

I am still reading to find out!!


Ok I am done with my sales pitch 🙂

Back to reading!



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