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"Blueddah" 18x24 Acrylic, Sharper Marker, Gold Leaf on Canvas. This Blue Buddah, or "Blueddah" piece was created as a gift for my uncle for his 50th Birthday.

Lime Sugar Skull

"Lime Sugar Skull" Acrylic, and mixed media on square canvas.

Bubble Gum Sugar Skull

"Bubble Gum Skull" Acrylic, and mixed media on square canvas with Sharpie Marker. This is the 2nd piece in my Sugar Skull Series. I'd really love to do more of these soon!

Art, Mixed Media, Paintings
Acrylic, Mixed Media, Paintings, Sugar Skull, Zen
About This Project

I really love experimenting with mixed media on canvas. Most of my mixed media pieces include many layers of crumpled and decoupaged tissue paper or newspaper, paint, washes, stamps, stencils, drips, drops, and doodles. You might even see words, phrases, lyrics, poetry, and bits of literature scattered throughout. I love swirls and patterns, giving each piece its own sense of unique whimsy. Over the years, I have really adapted to the trance-like line work style which I add on with sharpie marker as the finishing touch that visually ties each piece together. Not only does it serve the piece aesthetically as it hasΒ become a signature staple and recognizable element in my work, but it has also become a very therapeutic process for me, personally. One would think that the such detail would get tiresome or repetitive, but I find much peace and tranquility through the repetition my line-work on the canvas.