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Using the Tarot to Help your Business
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November Business Advice (The Emperor – Halloween Tarot)

The Emperor - Halloween Tarot

HAPPY ALMOST HALLOWEEN SPOOKY ONES! Sadly my favorite month of the year is coming to a close, we have a little less than a week left til Halloween, Samhain, All Hallow’s Eve, etc. and October for me personally, in my Tarot 101 course, was supposed to be my month of PRACTICE: practicing my readings and building my cliental. Come November, my goal is to spread my wings and take flight into the magickal world of holistic professionals, and really establish my own business as a tarot reader, healer, and personal development guide.

Today I pulled a card and asked “What could I do to really enhance my business as a Holistic Professional come November?” I have received The Emperor card, which to me suggests that I have to develop my MALE brain a bit more. The Emperor represents a very male energy based in structure and discipline. Most business minded individuals have a very strong male energy which keeps them motivated and on track, disciplined when working toward their goals.

The emperor in the Halloween Tarot by Karin Lee is represented by Frankenstein… who is the result of EXPERIMENTATION. This also tells me… DO NOT BE AFRAID TO EXPERIMENT! Trial and Error is probably the BEST way to learn something. We are human, we make mistakes, but when we make mistakes, it is also teaches us very valuable things in the process! Experimentation breeds GROWTH and expansion of the mind … which is what I am gathering from those flowers growing out of that test tube filled with brains. This card is marked with the sign of the planet Jupiter which suggests evolutionary development (maturity, and knowledge gained through a time of growth).

Feel Free to pull your own card to represent how you can approach your business for November…

What card did you get?

What messages did it relay to you?

Please share in the comments!

  • Darius Darionçé
    Posted at 15:04h, 26 October Reply

    That was a great kick to motivation. You’re right on the nail w experimenting and the male focus mindset on your business. Great read and advice.

    • Admin
      Posted at 15:30h, 26 October Reply

      So glad I could help! This is often the case with many creatives! We spend WAY too much time in the right brain, and neglect the left side which is key to any sort of logic, planning, structure, business, finance, etc. This is why most artists have trouble with maintaining an abundant lifestyle! Balance is key to this! Balance the right and left… we need to be focusing on how we can grow our business just as much as we are focusing on the things we are creating…

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