Justina's World | Last One Standing Review by Damien Desimone
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Last One Standing Review by Damien Desimone

LOS EP Cover


Justina “Last One Standing”

With one foot in a powder-pink bedroom, the other in a grown-up world, Jersey Grrl wrestles with vulnerability wrapped in twentysomething hormones and leads a spry band through her back pages. While we binge, Justina purges — or maybe we purge and she binges (on Anna Nalick’s splendor). Naked-in-front-of-the-crowd lyrics collide with tunecraft that would make McCartney blush.

When the diminutive autodidact slips into something uncomfortable — a concealed track of elegiac independence, where she emotes against lonely swirls of piano — Justina not only demands attention, she commands it.

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