Justina's World | “La Llorona” Song and Music Video Release!
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“La Llorona” Song and Music Video Release!

Hello All!
Happy Spirit Season Everyone… Happy Halloween, Blessed Samhain and tomorrow is El Dia de los Muertos which is the Mexican Tradition of The Day of the Dead. All around, this time of the year is when the veil is at its thinnest, enabling the realms of both the living and the dead to overlap, making contact with loved ones who have crossed over, a bit more possible to achieve.
In the following video, we spotlight the old Mexican folk tale of La Llorona, the weeping woman who drowned her children in the river because she was betrayed by her husband who had been unfaithful. Overcome with guilt, she then drowns herself. Little did she know, she would not be able to enter the afterlife because of her sins, so she is stuck wandering between the worlds of the living and the dead, crying and looking for her dead children for all eternity.

We were going to film this last year, but just didn’t have the time… luckily we still had our costumes from last year, to film it this year! Thanks to everyone who came through to help us with the filming!
Avinash Patel and I had a vision, and you helped us see it through to fruition! Rafael Figueroa, Mary Sanchez, David, Lily, and Caro. And also Danny Lammi, Roy Carubia, and Dee-Dee Carubia for your support, either stopping by to hang out, or just enduring our noisy production and mess, bahahah. We are so excited with how amazing it all came out, thanks to you!

We would like to bring you our rendition of the tale of “La Llorona”.

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Justina & Avi 

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