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How to Vision Board like a Boss

Hey Dreamers!!

So rolling with themes of the New Year and manifestation, I wanted to tell you guys about a Vision Board Workshop that I had attended last weekend at a small yoga studio in Clark, New Jersey. I had never attended a Vision Board Workshop before. I mean as a teenager, I was always cutting stuff out of magazines, plastering it all on poster board, canvas, or in my sketch book. I mean I would even do this in my sketchbooks well into my 20s. I did a majority of my collage art in my L.A. days, as a way to cope with being so far from home. I always did these collage exercises as a way to express myself and to make some cool art, but I never used it as a tool for manifestation. I feel like it was always something that was super intimidating because it forced me to attempt to figure my shit out and think about what I wanted.

This class was really helpful to me because our instructor taught us a few techniques that are very simple, but really help with getting a clear picture of the life that I want to sculpt for myself. First of all, there were 5 people total in this class, including our instructor. There were 2 other girls in the class besides myself, and my mother, who I dragged along (she enjoyed it though, lol).

Here are the little activities that our instructor guided us on, and you can do these at home, on your own as well, to make the most of your vision boarding experience.

How to Vision Board like a Boss


She opened the class with a little story about this young woman, who had caught the attention of news outlets for manifesting this dream she had. She didn’t know how she was going to obtain it, but she just knew that she could see it in her mind, she could FEEL it with every fiber of her being, and she promised herself that if the opportunity arises, she would jump at the chance to make this happen. What this woman had envisioned was opening up a book shop, but here is the interesting twist she put on it:

She would find a bookshop with a flat available for rent on top of the bookshop. She would buy the whole kit and caboodle, and rent out the whole thing (flat AND shop) to guests passing through, and whoever stayed there would be in charge of managing the bookshop, converse with the patrons, and get the whole experience of what it’s like to own a bookshop. One day she went on a trip to Scotland, and what do you know, she found her bookshop and flat situation, and she just knew that was where she needed to be. This Bookshop Holiday experience is now made possible by Air BnB, and apparently there is a waiting list to stay there and have this experience, about 5 years out. How crazy amazing is that! She held this dream for years, all in part to her vision boards.

Anyway, I digress, so that was the inspiring little example that our instructor had set for us to get us in the mindset that we can absolutely manifest anything we hold in our minds, and dream to be real.



Now I bet you’re wondering how to even know what kinds of things to put on your vision board? This next exercise helps a bit with that. She then gave us a sheet of paper with a wheel chart on it. The wheel was divided into sections pertaining to the different areas of our lives. We then had to rate each part of our lives on a scale of 1-10 (1 being depleted in that area, and 10 being achievement.) Then after we had filled out our wheels, and rated our lives, we had to connect the dots, and acknowledge the map of our life as it is happening right now.

This exercise kind of helped us physically see, which area of our lives that WE feel is lacking. We could then use those areas to figure out what we wanted to place on our vision board, so that we could manifest more of whatever we were lacking. This wasn’t something we felt glued to during our creative process – it was just an extra tidbit to help us along that journey.





The next thing we did in the class was an audio guided meditation that focused on the Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura). It’s located just above the naval and below the rib cage.

According to Meditative Mind:

“The Solar Plexus Chakra or Manipura is a center of personal strength, learning and comprehension. It guides you through life by creating a strong sense of self, setting personal boundaries and building self esteem and willpower. The ability to bring change into your life and to the world is born within this Chakra. It is where our Will Power comes from. our ability to achieve, raw emotions, and self-discipline are all governed by the this chakra.Β The Seed Mantra of Solar Plexus Chakra is ‘RAM’. The color associated with this chakra is Yellow.”

I couldn’t find the exact meditation that our instructor used in our class, however here is a good one. You don’t have to do it for a full hour, we only meditated for maybe 5 minutes just to get in the right mindset.




So after we came out of our meditation and intense visualization, we slowly came back to the room, mentally. Then it was time to dive into to her array of magazines, washi tape, sticker books, scissors and glue sticks, and start looking for images and words that inspired us. There really are NO rules for your vision board, other than to have fun with it, and don’t feel pressured to make it look perfect, or “what if I can’t find anything in the magazines that pertains to my life”… Trust me, I felt the same way… but once you start looking through the magazines, you just get into this really therapeutic zone, and images start to jump out at you. It might even be stuff that you never even thought you wanted in your conscious mind, but subconsciously you do. You might not recognize it until you happen to come across an image that sparks it. Cut it out, slap it on your board!

So there really is no technique here, however, if you’re a bit anal like me… I like to cut all of my photos out first, I just got a really good bunch that I felt good about, and I didn’t glue anything down until i figured out the placement. Then once I had a good idea on how things fit on my board, then I started glueing. Once all the magazine cutouts were placed, then I started embellishing with gel pen doodles, inspirational quote and mandala stickers, markers, buttons, and all that good stuff.





So some of the things to note here – the top left is a sticker that says GET STUFF DONE. So, I definitely want to do more of THAT this year. “Do What You Love” – Yes please! A black kitten, always wanted one, maybe I’ll get one someday. A new house, to travel more, to make time for playing my instruments. I really miss songwriting and recording, so that’s something I’d love to get back into this year. The reminder to “GET UP AND GO” – sometimes you just need to say FUCK IT and book that vacation. I still haven’t even taken a honeymoon. So THAT’S a priority this year. I want to eat better, I need to exercise… and to explain those macarons. I bought a book on baking French Macarons that I took one look at, and felt way too intimidated to attempt. As I was telling this story to our instructor, she was flipping through a magazine and landed on that macaron photo. She handed it to me and we laughed hysterically about it! This is the universe’s way of nudging us! MAKE THE MACARONS! So this year, I will attempt to make those macarons… hopefully in the new kitchen in the new house that I am manifesting as well.

There are definitely some things that I want to achieve this year that I did not put on my vision board, because well, I didn’t find EVERYTHING in those magazines, and also I ran out of space. But there’s no rule that says you can only make ONE vision board.



MAKE MANY! Make them as frequently as you need to. If you need to buy a sketchbook and do daily collaging exercises to help keep you inspired and going after your goals, then have at it!

The best part of the whole class was really just talking to some new people and learning about their lives as well. The 2 other girls in our glass were professional wine connoisseurs. How cool is that?

So that was my vision boarding class in a nutshell… I hope you enjoyed some of these exercises and tips and I’d love to see your vision boards as well! You can follow me on my Instagram @JustinasWorldOfficial , post a photo of your board, and tag me in it! Also use the hashtag #JustinasWorldVisionBoards so I can find them all easily πŸ™‚

If you have any comments or questions, find me in my Justina’s World group on Facebook!

Til Next Time…


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