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Justina's Homemade Sugar Scrubs
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Homemade Sugar Scrub (So Good, You Can EAT!)

Justina's Homemade Sugar Scrub All Natural Ingredients

Justina’s Homemade Sugar Scrub All Natural Ingredients

So I know it’s been quite awhile since I last posted. The last time I posted was at the start of September, the seasons were changing, summer to fall, I was sick as a dog. Man am I glad THAT is over. I think it was a combination of things. But I think it mostly had to do with the Ragweed in the atmosphere! I think it was just an allergic reaction, that went way too far. Man I don’t wish that on ANYONE, how horrible! Now I am back, way more healthy, started taking my vitamins regularly, and really listening to my body, taking it easy when I’m under the weather, instead of pushing myself.

Now it is the NEW YEAR! Happy 2014 EVERYONE!

Hope you had a great NYE, I had a nice relaxing one, and Avi and I also celebrated our 5th Year Anniversary on New Year’s Day, by lying in bed all day and doing absolutely nothing, lol. It was lovely!

So It is officially WINTER, and my skin actually isn’t TOO dry, except for one odd little patch on my right arm. It started off looking like a zit, and me being the skin picker I am, decided to try to pop it and pick away at it, and then it turned into a larger patch that started to look like eczema. I showed it to my aunt and cousin because my cousins get eczema and she told me to try sugar scrubs.

So then a lightbulb went off in my head (she calls me lightbulb face hahah!)
I decided to kind of research how to start making my own Sugar Scrubs out of ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS!

The problem with store bought sugar scrubs is that they are loaded with CRAP! They are filled with tons of chemicals to improve shelf life, change their scent, or color. All of those chemically fragranced cancer cocktails are totally not good for your skin, and most tend to make my skin either too greasy, oily, or even more dry and itchy!! Not to mention suffocate your pores! Your skin is the largest organ you have so, it’s important to feed it things that are going to hydrate and make it glow!!

So the past couple days I have spent some time in my kitchen with just a few practical ingredients that you can find in your kitchen pantry or fridge!!

Let’s get started!


2 TBSP Raw Organic Sugar
(Should be Brown in color)

1 TBSP Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 TBSP of the Juice from Half of a Small Lemon

Step 1
Find a small jar for your concoction! Make sure it is clean before you use it, I just rinsed mine out with some palmolive dish soap. Make sure it is completely dry before you add your sugar to it, cuz you don’t want it to clump!

Step 2
Measure out your 2 TBSPs of Organic Raw Sugar and add it to your mason jar! Doesn’t it sparkle so beautifully?!?

Step 3
Measure out your 1 TBSP of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Place it in a small cup to the side. Measure out your 1 TBSP of Fresh Lemon Juice from half of a small lemon. Place that in a separate small cup, to the side.
Now that all of our ingredients are prepped and set out for us to use readily, here is what you do!

Stir in a little drop of olive oil and mix that up until it’s all mixed in. Then add some lemon juice till it’s all mixed up evenly as well. The sugar will start to look crumbly… Then more olive oil, more lemon juice, stirring evenly until it starts looking more goopy. You may or may not even need the full teaspoons of both oil and lemon. If it ends up too watery, then add more sugar back in!

I kind of experimented with my textures. I tried one in a more crumbly texture, and one in a more goopy texture. Try them both out for yourself and see what you like the best!

You could also add essential oils for scent, or healing properties. Some like to add chamomile, or lavender… I didn’t have any of these things on hand, so I just kept it simple for now!

Justina's Homemade Sugar Scrub

Justina’s Homemade Sugar Scrub

There are many ways you can do these sugar scrubs! Get creative!


*Instead of Olive Oil, try Coconut Oil!! Coconut Oil is SO good for your SKIN!

*Instead of lemon juice, try the fresh juice from an orange!

It is YOUR sugar scrub, do what you want with it!


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