Justina's World | Blog and Upcoming Art Exhibit/Acoustic Show at Indigo Coffeehouse NEWS!
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Blog and Upcoming Art Exhibit/Acoustic Show at Indigo Coffeehouse NEWS!

LOL I don’t even know if I really have “Fans”, but I guess there’s gotta be a few people out there who actually give a shit about what I do…but anyways…First and foremost I would like to give everyone a quick update as to what I have been up to. I know I kinda disappeared these last few months, and you’re right I have alot of explaining to do , but I promise you it’ll be well worth it!

I’m sure that most of you have figured out by now, that I am not currently playing with a band as of now. I feel like at this point, it is for the better for me personally to stick with my acoustic solo roots. I have had mixed opinions from everybody, and most of those opinions have rooted for the acoustic thing. But that absolutely has NOTHING to do with why I do not have a band anymore….sometimes the chemistry is not right. Bands are much like a relationship, only with 4 or 5 other people :-…..if one of those relationships causes tension, it kind of breaks up the rest of them. Another major thing I have realized , is that I wasn’t really creating anything new because I was so focused on arranging songs with the band, getting gigs, playing gigs….it is another job in itself :-… So the band thing kinda ended, and I kinda wanted to hold off on music for awhile, just to clear my head. I played a couple gigs after that, but decided to cool it for a bit….for now.

As some of you know I did graduate from art school, so I decided to go back to my art for awhile. I started getting into photography and photomanipulation with photoshop. I have an account at deviantart.com if any of you wanna check that out :http://justierox2.deviantart.com/gallery/ . I have my first showing next weekend on June 30th at the Indigo Coffeehouse in Aberdeen, NJ. I will be selling some pieces also. I will also be playing a set that night also, so I’m very excited to finally be able to mix my music and my visual art. I have a few more acoustic shows coming up , which I will post in my showdates as soon as I get confirmations.

Aside from shows , and my new artwork, I have been getting creative with my music once again. I have started preproduction on a new demo, with the help of my keyboardist/boyfriend Stevo. I have some friends who are helpin me out as well,  so I’m really excited bout that ! It will be a fully produced demo with a full band. There will be 2 new songs on it , and 2 older songs…I won’t say which ones yet , I think I’d like to surprise you guys :-), but I PROMISE you it will officially kick ass! For those of you who come to the live shows MIGHT be able to figure out which ones..but SSHH!! :-X  I think my newer stuff has changed a bit, I think more mature sounding. But that’s all for you to decide.

This demo will not be officially released, but the tracks will be available for FREE download on my myspace page once the product is done… Then it is your job to spread the word around :-). There is no date set for when this project will be done, but I will try to update you as much as I can with the progress.

So that is what I have been up to…feel free to leave any comments or questions…Hope to see you all at the next show/art exhibit at the Indigo !! 🙂 Till then,

<3 hugs <3


Tim Weber

Dearest Justina,

You’ll always be my favorite badass Jersey girl, and I hope you consider me more of a friend than a fan; my butt will always be in a seat at your shows if you’re in driving distance.  It was fun hearing you with your band, because you’re such a rock star, but that one of a kind voice doesn’t need any help.  I always have enjoyed your guitar playing too.  I’ve heard the new songs live, and I won’t give anything away, other than to say I can’t wait to rock out to them, they rule.  This is going to be an awesome show at the Indigo, so let’s start bulletining now so it’s a huge turnout.  Yo Steve, I know what you’re capable of with record production, so the new songs should be sweet.  Talk to you soon, keep rockin!

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5 years ago

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