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Fan Packages for Swaggy Raffle Winner and Movie News


Swaggy Raffle Package

Sending out some fan packages today, one for our good friend Michael at Jersey Campfire Productions, and one prize bundle for the winner of my raffle prize giveaway at the SWAGGY THE MOVIE FUNDRAISER this past month in LA, California! CONGRATULATIONS TO RAFFLE WINNER, CHRIS SMITH! I’m writing a song for the film, which will be arranged by the wonderful Stefan Smith (Music Director and Conductor at Orchestra for Equality: The Orchestra of West Hollywood,) and also have a small speaking/singing role of said song!

Some pretty awesome people are involved: Dominique Swain (Lolita & Face/Off), Vinicius Machado (50 Cent’s POWER Series on Starz, Flashforward, CSI Miami), & Gabriel Angelo (Trumpet Kid From the Ellen Show), David Villada (Reno 911, Desperate Housewives, CSI:Miami), and that’s not even HALF of the amazing people involved, I could literally go on all day!…And it is all written and directed by my super talented lil bro,Vincenzo Carubia

Help us get the movie off the ground, DONATE HERE! 

Avi and I have also been busy taking/editing some photos for the film, which will be in the upcoming issue of Polo the Furking’s BTMB Magazine (Bosses That Meet Bosses),

Excited to be part of this!

Thanks Everyone!




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