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Epona Poem by Justina Carubia

Epona Poem by Justina Carubia

I wrote this today after seeing a white horse in a wild garden

Secret past and crickets crept

In the garden where she wept

A solitary mournful song

Singing to the butterflies ย of spirits

Hoping they would hear it

A rustle in the trees

Where she saw in disbelief

The most beautiful white horse

She had ever seen

Mystical creature

Approaching with caution

Grazing in all her beauty

Sorrow in her eyes

Epona sees right through her

& she starts to cry

This place feels like heaven

She smiles, and somehow

In that very moment, it was alright

But she knew it wasnโ€™t that simple

Somersaulted sadness

The weeping cherry cried

As she sat under the willow

In the garden filled with light

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