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Darkness - Portrayed Through the Tarot, Treetalker Art, Avinash Patel, Avinash Patel Photography
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Darkness – Portrayed Through the Tarot

Darkness by Avinash Patel Photography

Darkness by Avinash Patel Photography


Hello Fellow Tarot Lovers!

I wanted to share this photo I had the pleasure of collaborating on with Avinash Patel of  Avinash Patel Photography. He is currently doing an October Photo Challenge, and one of the day’s themes were “Darkness”.  I helped him conceptualize this photo, spotlighting the darker cards of the Tarot that really illuminate or bring our shadow self to surface. The cards I chose were: The devil to represent our own personal vices and a sense of feeling tied to them, the moon which represents the fears and anxieties we may have that are buried deep within our own subconscious, preventing us or hindering our own personal growth, and also the Tower which to me represents a dreaded, but necessary loss… and the shattering of perceptions or illusions that you have created for yourself that keep you stuck in the clouded state of mind. It is our shadow, these darker parts of ourselves that keep us from reaching our fullest potential, or that light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak… These blockages keep us living in fear, living in the darkness… it is only when we acknowledge these fears, that we can begin to bring them to surface, remove them, and move closer to the light… 

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