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Daily Tarot – Get a Fresh Outlook to Avoid Analysis Paralysis!

Justina's Daily General Reading 8/18/15

Justina’s Daily General Tarot Reading 8/18/15 (L to R: The Emperor, 6 of Cups Reversed, and Queen of Wands, from the Joie de Vivre Tarot Deck by Paulina Cassidy)

Today’s Tarot Spread for You Guys
For Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The cards I pulled are The Emperor, the 6 of Cups Reversed, and the Queen of Wands Reversed. The first thing I am acknowledging is that there are more minor arcana cards in this spread, as well as more reversed cards than upright. This could signify that there are many small things that have all added up, to create blockages for you in achieving your goals. The Emperor on his own symbolizes a confident and authoritative figure who is very in control of his/her life. He is a very masculine energy that thrives off of structure and it is this connection with discipline that will bring you closer to putting forth the action to achieve your goals. The emperor has no time for procrastination.

However, your next card is a 6 of Cups Reversed. Cups is ruled by the element of water which plays on our emotions, and the 6 of cups reversed signifies that you are stuck in a daydream state that is making it a bit hard to accomplish said goals. You might be caught up in little details about things that USED to work that no longer do, and you may very well suffer from analysis paralysis. You lack the ability to update your actions to suit what would work best for you now.

The last card is the Queen of Wands Reversed, which in the upright position would be a very nurturing card. It’s a very feminine energy who doesn’t mind giving things a little extra focus and attention aka TLC, in order to ensure growth, success, and happiness. However, in its reversed position it signifies an inability to see things through, or making a hasty decision just to try to manipulate the situation to your own advantage, not taking others into account. Wands is synonymous with the element of fire, which symbolizes passion and motivation. In the reverse position here, it signifies that you lack the motivation and passion that it takes to come into your authoritative power of The Emperor.

Maybe it is time for you to stop over thinking so much, take a break from the project you can no longer focus on with a clear head, or even switch directions completely. It seems as though I have been pulling a lot of reversed cards lately, which all seem to be signifying blockages, and that could very well be the result of the Venus Retrograde. It might be best to put off starting any new projects at this time. Use the rest of this month to contemplate and carefully formulate your next plan of action.

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