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Daily Tarot – Answer the Call of Spirit

Daily Tarot Monday August 24, 2015 - Answer the Call of Spirit (L to R: The Sun, The Chariot, The Fool) Joie de Vivre Tarot Deck by Paulina Cassidy

Daily Tarot Monday August 24, 2015 – Answer the Call of Spirit (L to R: The Sun, The Chariot, The Fool) Joie de Vivre Tarot Deck by Paulina Cassidy

Hello Lovelies and Happy Monday!

The cards I pulled for today’s tarot spread show that today is a GREAT start to the week. The spread has a very STRONG and positive presence as I have pulled all major arcana cards in the upright position. The cards that I have pulled are The Sun, The Chariot, and The Fool.

I think the combination of these 3 cards gives me a very warm and encouraging energetic nudge from the Universe that we are on a spiritual quest and we’re sort of on the right track with our own paths to personal enlightenment.

The Sun represents our inner strength, our inner light… the cosmic force that keeps us enlightened and vibrant even through the toughest of times. The sun can also represent you coming into your own spirituality at this time. Right now you are awakened more than ever and that light inside of you is really becoming a guiding force for your seeking of guidance from a higher wisdom. You see that light now, and you know where you need to be.

The Chariot is a great follow up card to The Sun, because she is a very assertive figure who holds the reigns to her own destiny. She is the one who is going to follow that guiding light and see her spiritual path through to fruition. This card shows us that we need to be proactive and take the steps necessary to make any changes in our spiritual stagnancy.

The Fool denotes someone with a rather carefree disposition, with a sense of child-like wonder about them. Sometimes we don’t always have a tangible answer to the problems we want to solve, but rather have to act on faith alone. The Fool encourages us in this spread, that it might be a good time to take that leap of faith!

Have you been feeling lately that you need to immerse yourself in your own spirituality in order to reach personal enlightenment? Right now is a great time to do so! Spirit is calling you loud and clear! It’s time to answer the call!

Some things you can do at this time to raise your vibration and answer the call of your spirit guides are: take a class in a spiritual realm, work on opening your chakras through meditation or crystal healing, learn or tap into a form of divination, start a power thought or gratitude journal, start a soul-centered business, read about different religious paths and decide which one is right for you, go for walks in nature, nurture something (a plant or herb garden), help others. These are just some things you can do to awaken the spirit inside of you!


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