Justina's World | Code of Ethics
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Miss Justina's Tarot Reading Service If you have never had a Tarot reading before, you probably may have formed your own opinions about what you think it might be, based on what you might have learned in organized religion or by what you have seen in Hollywood Movies, TV Shows and other Pop Culture. Society often skews things or warps the harmless nature of such “taboo” subjects as the Tarot, but it is my job as a light-worker to dispel those mythical misconceptions and bring to light what the tarot is TRULY about. It is a tool that I use for Personal Development to bring forth things in our subconscious that are creating mental blocks for us in our day to day lives. Once we can bring these blockages to light, we can better understand the “WHY”, so that I can help my client figure out the “HOW” in helping them work around them.  This is essential in order for them to achieve their goals.  I am all about empowerment, and giving the power back to the client truly enables them to lead much happier and abundant lives!




I, Justina Carubia, use the art of divinational Tarot to seek the most positive insight from the Universe in order to help my clients gain clarity and guide them on the best possible path of their own self discovery. I do not use Tarot to “predict” the future as we all have the right to our own FREE WILL. My client’s free will to CHOOSE the direction they want to go, can change the outcome of any reading I may give. I can only give them the insight and present them with the options they have and it is up to my client to make their own choices about any given situation.


  • I am NOT a medium – I do not commune with the dead.
  • I do NOT worship the devil – I work 100% in LOVE AND LIGHT!
  • I do not predict death – nope, not even with that dreaded “Death” card!
  • I do not read for anyone under the age of 18
  • I do not discriminate or turn away doing readings based on gender, sexual orientation, age, race, ethnicity, or religions. I welcome all walks of life!
  • I do not tell people want they WANT to hear, I tell them what they NEED to hear. Some people walk away from a reading less than enthusiastic or maybe feeling like they didn’t get their money’s worth, because they didn’t hear what they had hoped. Not everything in life works in our favor, and sometimes we need to hear certain things we don’t want to, in order to get moving down the right path.
  • I am not a doctor, I can not diagnose or treat any sort of ailment that a client may be curious about. Please contact your healthcare physician for any health concerns you may have.
  • I cannot read your lottery numbers or find lost items. I am not a mindreader and could not possibly predict such outcomes.
  • I cannot predict unfaithfulness or a cheating partner in a client’s relationship. False predictions could cause potential harm to both the parties in the relationship as well as myself, as I would be liable and responsible for any damages caused by said false prediction.
  • I am not a financial advisor or a lawyer, and all matters regarding these areas should be brought to professionals in these fields.
  • I do not place or remove curses from clients using the Tarot. I am not a witch doctor. I simply use the Tarot for guidance and advice.
  • I do not offer third party readings. If you came to me, I will be reading for you. I cannot read anyone who is not present.
  • I do not do couple’s readings. Readings are extremely personal and contain confidential information. Anything can come up at any time and I do not want to make anyone uncomfortable with information they might feel their partner should not hear. What you choose to do with your information after your reading is 100% up to you.
  • I do not sell readings as gifts. Not everyone might feel comfortable with getting read, so I only perform readings for the one purchasing the reading.
  • I do not enable reading addictions – I am just a human being who is able to interpret messages and give my honest insight and opinion. I do not have the answers for EVERYTHING and nothing is ever set in stone. Getting multiple readings a week for every single little problem won’t solve anything. Your own concrete actions will!


  • All payments are to be made in full prior to scheduling your reading via secure Paypal checkout on my website or link I provide you with in your  e-mail.
  • Upon Paypal checkout, please schedule your reading using the contact form on my Service Page or if you have emailed me, then we can schedule through e-mail correspondence.
  • I conduct my readings via Google or Facebook Chat feature or Typed up E-mail Reports. You may choose which you would like to utilize provided it is not over the card maximum for live readings. I do not do Skype or Phone Meetings at This Time.
  • If you are not satisfied with your reading, I do not issue refunds, because I am taking the time out of my schedule as well to be present for your session (this includes my typed up e-mail reports as I am still taking the time out to do the work and gather all the materials to send to you.)
  • Any cancellations will result in a full refund. However, If you would like to cancel your session with me, you must contact me at least 24 hours before your scheduled reading. Failure to notify me of cancellation will result in no refund.
  • No shows and no contact will result in discontinuing of our working relationship.
  • I have the right to refuse service to anyone who I feel is being disrespectful or judgmental in the way I work.
  • All information offered to me in readings with all of my clients will be kept strictly confidential.
  • Please allow at least one week for delivery of typed reports from the date you make your payment, as these take me some time to gather all materials  (interpretation, typing up, photograph, etc.)