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Bohemian Magic Studios Logo

I am an artist and crafter who absolutely loves to create custom gifts for family, friends, and clients alike. Do you have a creative and crafty idea that you are not sure how to execute? Do you need a unique, one of a kid gift for someone very special to you? At Bohemian Magic Studios, I take absolute pride in the quality whimsical treasures I create for my client’s special day or event. My favorite things to create are Birdhouses, Magnets, and most currently my Flower Crowns.


I love working with paints, decoupage glue, paper flowers, lace, ribbons, and glitter. All of my work is 100% done by ME, which are created with the utmost intention of love and prosperity. I am also 100% responsible for my web presence, and see it equally as important than my products themselves, so much so that I have decided to branch out with my BMS venture and offer my branding services to other entrepreneurs.


I have always had a creative eye and one thing that I have noticed about most new entrepreneurs is the lack of cohesiveness when it comes to forming their brand. What is a brand, you ask? A brand is what is going to set you apart from the rest in your niche, your “calling card” so to speak. What makes YOUR brand UNIQUE? What kind of mood or FEEL do you want to evoke with the work you are putting out into the world? With my new business venture, Bohemian Magic Studios, I wanted to help upcoming entrepreneurs create a brand that they really feel will speak to their potential clients and also capture the personality behind the brand, from the logo, to the slogan, the website, the business cards, and even the content that my clients are putting out into the world.


I have been an artist and a crafter for years, so I know how important it is to have a brand that stands out from the rest while still maintaining a look and message that all flows together seamlessly. I have always loved helping people startup their business and really take their ideas to the next level.