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Black Cats – The Misunderstood Superstition

Black Cat

Black Cat

So today, I was on my way home from work, and as I was nearing the end of a street which is right around the corner from my house, I saw a little black cat hop over a puddle and scurry off the road.

For any normal person, they would see this as superstition, or a sign of bad luck. For me, I always loved to see a black cat crossing my path. I get excited at the thought of it. I think these creatures are just misunderstood. Maybe it’s because, I , myself feel misunderstood. Every witchy needs their familiar. A familiar is an animal friend to aid their witch in their magical workings. Witches are also often looked at as these evil beings, when that is so not the case… not for us Earthy types anyway. So I can see why we identify with black cats so much… both so misunderstood… anyway….

I stopped right away and looked at it through my passenger window. It was hiding behind a telephone pole, but it’s head was peaking out, ever so mischievously, its large yellow eyes staring back at me. I leaned over from the driver’s side and opened the passenger door, calling to it. It just stood there frozen looking at me. Finally I went to shut my door, so it ran away, into the open yard of the corner house. I could still see the cat from where I was. It was sitting in the person’s backyard… just sitting there.. and I could also see a deer in the backyard grazing on some grass. The cat was just sitting and watching the deer graze. I drove off and pulled into my driveway around the block. I got home, went inside and threw on my long fall sweater robe. I felt fall in the air all around me. I knew I wanted to go back out and look for the cat again.

I left the house, and walked down my street and around the corner, back to the house that the cat was in the backyard of. Again, this is a corner house with no fence, so I can see and even walk right into the yard if I really wanted to. However, there were NO TRESPASSING signs all around the property, and it was in broad daylight, so I’d rather not make myself too suspicious looking over a cat LOL. I happened upon this property and the cat was still there. I stopped at the curb, and called to it… It looked at me like I was crazy after I meowed at it a few times. I felt like I was being watched so I carried on. I walked around the block a couple times, and every time I passed, the cat was still there.

As I was walking around my neighborhood, I got really sad by myself, reminiscing about how much my neighborhood has changed. Everyone from my neighborhood has grown up, and left. I am really the only one left around here. I was talking out loud to myself for my spirit guides to hear, and questioned WHY? Why am I the only one left here? All of the sudden, on this otherwise dreary day, right over my head, the clouds parted ever so slightly, only enough for the sun to peek through. I said, “Thank you for the gesture”, smiled and went on my way. Then also as I was on my way back from my walk, I passed by a feather on the ground. Feathers are also signs from our spirit guides. They can either be a hello from the angels, or a sign to let you know that they are watching over you and protecting you. I wanted to pick it up, but it had rained earlier, and it was lying in mud, so I didn’t want to bring home a muddy feather, not to mention as I was walking and saw it, a cop car came barreling down my street, so I didn’t want to do anything too weird that warranted questioning LOL! I dunno, I am so paranoid like that. I was passing the corner house again, and the cat was STILL sitting there, ever so still. I decided not to bother it again… for now anyway.

I came home and went about my day. Avi picked me up for dinner and he drove passed the corner house to get out of my development. The cat was no longer there, and I wondered if I would ever see it again. We ate dinner and he drove me home. As we were approaching the corner house on the way to my house, I looked all around, afraid he would hit this cat crossing his path. It was not there… however , when we got onto my street, Avi screamed “BLACK CAT!” and I screamed OMG WHERE!??! He goes, “Under that car!” and sure enough I saw Mr. Midnight running passed our car and up the sidewalk. Maybe there is a reason I am seeing this cat. I have never seen this cat around my block before… It is the strangest thing ever… I feel like my guides are trying to tell me something… just can’t piece it all together just yet…

Well there is my weird story for today. A LOT of signs from my guides today, and all in the span of just a few hours. Signs are everywhere… you just have to be aware to receive them… And interpreting them is a whole other thing as well… I have to get better at that…

If I see this cat again, you bet I’m gonna let you know…

Blessed Be <3

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