Justina's World | A Magickal Inheritance (Practical Magic FanFiction)
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A Magickal Inheritance (Practical Magic FanFiction)

I found an ad in the newspaper today for this beautiful house. As soon as I saw it, I was overtaken by a strong sense of deja vu. I knew right away that I had to go see it, maybe not to buy it , but just to see if anything about it could jolt my memory…

I used the email address in the ad, to contact Miss Jenney. When she responded, she wasn’t very welcoming, or descriptive in her email, but very shortly supplied me with the address. I decided to take the drive, since it was surprisingly not too far from where I lived.


When I pulled up to the house, I immediately thought It was the most beautiful house I had ever seen!

As soon as I walked in the door, I could feel something special. I stood in the Parlor and felt some kind of force pushing me into the kitchen and towards the attic stairs.

It lured me up to the attic!


I followed a winding staircase to the very top and saw a bright light coming from under the entrance door. Upon entering, the light grew stronger….Β I peeked around the corner and what I found was an old brown trunk. There seemed to be this bright magical light emerging from it!


I walked closer, and I proceeded to lift the lid with caution. I barely touched it, when it just flew open by itself !


What I found inside was breathtaking!!


I reached in, and pulled out an old spell book!! On the cover it said “La Boheme Magique’s Book of Shadows” I wonder where this came from, and whose this was.


On the inside cover it said property of Jet and Frances Owens, but that was crossed out. Underneath that, it said Property of Sally and Gillian Owens. That was crossed out as well! Underneath that, it said property of Antonia and Kylie Owens… It looks like it has been passed down from generation to generation… I wondered who would get it next…

I opened it up to center, and inside I found a magical spell…


The left page appeared to be some sort of Bird Love Spell, where you are supposed to stick a bird with a pin needle to attract the one you love…

On the right side page was a spell titled “Spiritus”.

The recipe called for:
4 oz of Braided Wheat Straw Bundles
2 oz of Blue Sage
2 oz of Mandragora
1 Tbl of Henbane Pulp

and then there was a disclaimer which read: Henbane is poisonous!

This spell is said to revive the dead, but precaution must be taken, because it is said that they will come back as something dark and unnatural!!

I figured I was not at liberty to try either of these spells, but I might need the book for something else, so I took it with me. In the trunk, under the book, was some old gypsyesque clothing, and I couldn’t help but play dressup! I took out a beautiful lavender purple lace dress with silk lining.


I finagled my way into the antique couture, when all of the sudden I felt a really cold draft as if somebody had ran past me!


Just then, the old phonograph went on by itself, and it started playing Elvis Presley’s “You Are Always on My Mind” !! It made me jump out of my skin!!


I got that chill again, like someone had rushed past me, so I decided to go back downstairs!

As I was walking back down the winding staircase from the attic, this magical smell started to overtake me!!!

It lured me through the magickal kitchen, and out into the garden. It was then, I realized what this smell was!!!! When I arrived in the garden, I saw a table seated for one, with the most amazing treat one could ever wish for!!

Brownies for Breakfast


The table was also adorned with an old photo of a dark haired woman. Her face looked very familiar. Next to her was a green vase that looked like it was from a botanical shop, and a watch inscribed with the words Sally Owens. On top of the plate, was a note… I wondered if I was supposed to read it. I didn’t want to impose, being that I was only here for an open house!


I could not contain my curiosity any longer ! I carefully pulled the pink and white silk ribbon , and opened the parchment…


It wasn’t addressed to anyone specific, but for some reason I felt like I was supposed to be the one reading this…

It read:

Our Dearest Inheritor,

You are sent here today not by choice , but by the magickal plan we have set for you! We knew you would be here one day! And it is only you , who will carry on the true gifts of The Owens Family! Please take a bite of one of our magickal breakfast brownies, a recipe which has been passed down through generations, and in turn you will inherit all that is planned for you!!

Your Beloved Aunts,
Kylie and Antonia Owens

I looked around carefully to see if anyone was around. I skimmed through the letter again briefly. I kept telling myself that this was meant to be. I hopefully shrugged my shoulders, and took a bite.


I sat there for about a minute afterward waiting to shrink, or grow like Alice, but it didn’t happen. All of the sudden these wild roses started blooming out of nowhere! The vines started growing and thickening around the white lattice on the harbor leading out into the front yard overlooking the bay. I thought I should follow the path. This whole thing has felt like one sign after another.


As I was approaching the harbor, I felt a cold breeze like someone had run past me again! There was a toad resting along the pathway as if to say that I was going the right way…

I arrived on the front porch, and I noticed a little table set up as if it were going to tell my fortune! On the table, was a crystal ball, and a tarot deck set out on purple silk! I had felt a cold chill run through my whole body. I felt like someone had run past me a few times again. Was there some kind of phenomenon going on here, or was I just going crazy?


I sat down and gazed into the crystal ball and what I saw took me by surprise!


First I saw two little girls sending off rose petals into the moonlight. Next I saw a few women dancing around the same magickal kitchen I had walked through just moments prior. I then saw two lovers embracing. The last thing I saw in the crystal was this very house on Hallow’s Eve, white and statuesque against the midnight sky. There was a crowd below as if they were watching a show! Then, I noticed the black silouhettes, standing on top of the roof with umbrellas as if they were going to jump!

And jump they did!!

Who’s life was this I was seeing, and what did it have to do with me ??

It was starting to get dark out now, so I decided to call it a night. I would sleep on my thoughts about the house, and email Lucinda in the morning with all of these questions…

Just then, I saw a woman standing by the harbor. She had long strawberry blondish red hair, and she was holding a black cat. I felt like I had seen her before.

I had asked her if she was here to see the house as well, and if she had been able to get in touch with Lucinda Jenney, the realtor. She had told me that Lucinda Jenney was the late daughter of the late late Sarah Jenney.

She had explained, ” Sarah and Sally had been in a feud for years growing up, but that all changed when Sarah had helped Sally and The Aunts save my life. From that moment on, Sarah had promised to help protect and guide the Owens family for years to come. Sarah had a daughter Lucinda, who had grown close with Sallys’ daughters Kylie and Antonia.”

I had about a million questions running through my head. I looked down at the letter one more time, for only a few seconds. When I had lifted my head again to ask the woman all the questions I needed answered, she was nowhere to be found…

I decided to just go home and sleep, it had been a long day.

That night in my dreams, I had dreamt of people I had never thought of before. In my dream, my great grandmother was Sally Owens.

Witchcraft had brought my Great Grandma Sally and officer Gary Hallet together. Sally already had two children, Kylie and Antonia in a prior marriage with Michael, who was killed by Maria’s Curse. When Sally married Gary, she had a third child, Audrina Owens Hallett. Kyle, Antonia, and Audrina had grown up together . Audrina had run away when she was 18, and had given birth to my mother. Audrina had raised my mother by herself, and never spoke about her family. She had never heard Audrina speak of the Owen’s name, since she had the option to use her father’s last name. So Audrina is my grandmother and that makes Kylie and Antonia my Great Aunts! Time went on, and most of the Owen’s Family had either passed on , or lost touch. When I awoke, I had realized what everything meant. Lucinda is keeping her mother’s word, helping my great Aunts salvage whatever is left of the Owen’s Family history ever since that night they saved Gillian.

Then it hit me! The woman I spoke to lastnight who disappeared was the ghost of Gillian Owens! All day, when I had felt like someone had ran past me, was the presence of the spirits of my ancestors, letting me know that I was in the right place!

I then wondered if the prophetic dream was the result of that brownie bite I had taken, or pure coincidence!

Just then, the cleaning broom in the corner of my room had fallen!

Is Company Coming?

Well, what do you think?!?

So now that you’ve read my post, what did you find interesting? Did you notice anything odd in any of the pictures? Maybe some silly little visitors? Everytime I say “I feel that chill…” , take a closer look ! And you will find the hidden surprise… some are more prominent than others, but it is a fun treat to find none the less!


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