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A Fanciful Twist’s Mad Tea Party!

A Fanciful Twist's Mad Tea Party 2016 Large

I would like to formally welcome all of you to my MAD TEA PARTY on behalf of Miss Vanessa Valencia and all of the other lovely bloggers who have decided to participate in this years extravaganza!!! I have taken part in about 2 of Vanessa’s Mad Tea Parties before… I believe once in 2010 and once in 2013! Those 2 tea parties were hosted on my La Boheme Magique blog on blogger, that I had going for quite some time before making the more professional leap to the wondrous world of WordPress! I no longer blog there, but feel free to jump back in time and check out all of the magickal things I had posted on there, if you’d like!

Now without further adieu, I would like to welcome you into our most fabulous tea party on this lovely Saturday morning.

party inviteIt all started one lovely day this past Spring, when I was called upon Lady Diana of Darcyland to attend her most fabulous tea party. We were to celebrate the life and work of literary genius, Jane Austen upon some scrumptious afternoon tea.  The invitations were most elegant and lovely!

Of course I had made the arrangements to attend such a marvelous party, but there was just one problem! I did not have an outfit to wear! What was I ever to do!?

I scouted out the most marvelous period costume for the event, just by visiting my local thrift shops. I think the total cost of my costume ended up being about $20 or so.

2 of the stores that I had success in were “Younique” thrift shop, where I found a floor length spaghetti strap dress which was neutral in color. It was tan with some kind of floral pattern on it, which was nice, not overbearing. I found a nice bolero shoulder cover sweater that was a brownish color, which matched my dress perfectly. That was about $7 at Shopper’s World. I found a cute wicker gardening hat at the dollar store which was a nice finishing piece for my attire! On my feet, I wore a cute pair of brown leather boots, which I got a few years ago on sale at a DSW!

Justina Jane Austen OutfitI accessorized my outfit with a handmade drawstring satin purse that my mom had hand sewn herself just days before the soiree! She had actually cut the poofy sleeves off of an old bridesmaid dress from the 80s. The dress itself was not quite up to today’s fashion standards… but the material was still gorgeous to repurpose for other uses, and the little purse was quite the nice finishing touch for my outfit. It also allowed me to carry some additional tea party items: A wooden hand fan which was just $1 at Pier One and some white satin tea gloves. My mom also lent me some dress up pearls for the occasion. I know the cell phones are not too “of the time”, but I couldn’t resist a good old selfie of my finished look!

After getting ready, it was off to the races we went! Oh well not REAL races, silly! We had to go pick up my crazy aunts!! I think they thought we were going to meet up with Mr. Hatter, because things ran a bit mad since we picked them up! Auntie Fi Fi and Maria were dressed in their best tea attire!

Here is Lady Diane with our gift of Peppermint Tea for the afternoon!

Lady Diane


Tea Spread

So as we arrived to the party, we saw some other lovely ladies in their hats and Sunday best outfits, rushing in as Lady Diane greeted everyone with open arms and double cheek kisses. We gifted her the Organic Peppermint Tea picture above, and Aunt Fi Fi made a cute little tea pot out of paper!!

Paper Tea Pot

Everyone had brought their very own special tea cup to the magickal brunch! Mine is the 3rd one to the right with the aqua saucer with the pink rim. I got it at Marshall’s for about $6 for the set of cup and saucer. They had a cute variety of different colors and patterns, but I loved this one the most!


As brunch proceeded, I was excited to see such a beautiful display of delicious little bite sized foods to pair with our soothing teas! I opted for a nice Rose Mint tea for most of the morning!


Lady Diane had also prepared the most light and fluffy raspberry scones! I must admit, I had way too many than a lady should in a single afternoon! They were just way too delicious. A funny little incident happened upon our arrival. Someone had spotted what we thought was crumbs from a scone, lying in the middle of the floor. Upon further inspection, Lady Diane had revealed that it was in fact the cork on Aunt Fi Fi’s shoe that had fallen off! Her shoes fell apart right before our very eyes! Well that was such a laugh! Good thing Fi Fi had an extra pair in our vehicle!


I cannot stress enough, just how elegant the whole table spread was. It was donned with porcelain teapots, china plates, multiple tiered platters of cupcakes, freshly baked scones, fresh fruits, tartlets, little tea sandwiches, fresh bean salad, and more!

Here is a little preview of the marvelous array of treats!

Please continue through to end of the post for additional video footage of our elegant gathering!


I was excited to gather my plate together and sit a spell so I could enjoy a bit of reading from one of Lady Jane’s most infamous novels!!



OH! But wait! Something is missing!!





I poured myself a spot of tea! The Rose Mint tea was so divine!!


After teatime and brunch, Lady Diana decided to lead us in a game of the most colorful croquet! However, it was quite the windy day, so we did not play for long! “Hold on to your bonnets, ladies!” Below, Lady Dorothy has a croquet battle with Lady Maria (left) and poses under the shade of her parasol with Lady Diane (right).

After croquet, it was time to wind down a bit. We took lots of pictures, giggled about Mr. Darcy, and even went back for some more finger sandwiches and extra helpings of tea! I broke away from my morning obsession with the Rose Mint tea, and decided to try the Ginger Peach, which was equally as warming and cozy! I must have filled my little cup at least 100 times!!!

Lady Diane had decided to conclude the splendid gathering with some thoughts and sentiments that she had all of her guests write in her soiree log at her enchanting antique writing desk. She had us write inside of what was a diary of sorts, and we had to write in it with a quill pen and ink! Oh how challenging it was for some of us!


I wrote the most very special message for Lady Diane:
“What a lovely party, to which I had the honor of attending! The rose mint tea and the raspberry scones were just to die for!!! Everything was just Mah-velous dahling!Hugs and Kisses – Lady Justie”


Oh we had so much fun being so elegant today! But now it is time to close this chapter of our book and bid you farewell!


However, before you pack up and leave today, I would like to invite you in a little closer and take a peek at some of the behind the scenes footage of this magickal gathering!

Want to see more of this tea party? See below for highlights reel and vlog!

I hope you enjoyed yourself! Won’t you come and visit again soon?



  • Marilyn
    Posted at 18:13h, 23 July Reply

    It looks like it was an elegant soiree! Thanks for including us here.

    • Stina Beana
      Posted at 01:00h, 24 July Reply

      Thank you for attending Marilyn! Come back again soon <3

  • Laura R
    Posted at 18:38h, 23 July Reply

    How elegantly wonderful! I do wish I still had crazy croquet playing friends.

    • Stina Beana
      Posted at 15:54h, 24 July Reply

      Hi Laura! Thanks for stopping by! I dropped by your party as well! Thanks for the treats <3

  • Anne Berbling
    Posted at 19:32h, 23 July Reply

    Wonderful! What a delightful party, my Dear! I know you all had a wonderful time!
    Happy Mad Tea-ing!

    • Stina Beana
      Posted at 15:56h, 24 July Reply

      Anne! Thanks for stopping by! Your party was most colorful as well!

  • Dena Miller
    Posted at 21:51h, 23 July Reply

    absolutely lovely Dahling!!!!!

  • Magaly Guerrero
    Posted at 09:51h, 24 July Reply

    I’m completely in love with your writing desk, and your outfit, and your spread, and… all right, with everything. It looks that yummy.

    Happy Mad Tea Party! ♥

  • Jane K
    Posted at 10:26h, 24 July Reply

    Such a lovely and elegant tea party, I do hope I was dressed well enough. The table was beautifully decorated and the food all looked so scrumptious, A most delightful time.

  • Sharon Rawson
    Posted at 16:10h, 24 July Reply

    You look just divine! The party looks like it was a stunning success. Oh, the little sandwiches looked so yummy!

    • Stina Beana
      Posted at 16:20h, 24 July Reply

      Hi Sharon! Thanks so much for stopping! I just had a look at your Etsy shop… I love all of the lovely provisions you have for sale! I also see a couple familiar faces in your reviews section! Renee Furlow is a good friend of mine! 🙂

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