Justina's World | 7 Tarot Cards That Will Transform Your Life
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7 Tarot Cards That Will Transform Your Life

7 Tarot Cards That Will Transform Your Life

7 Tarot Cards That Will Transform Your Life – from the Original Rider-Waite Tarot Deck – Click to Purchase on Amazon!

So this past week I had a writing request from one of the girls in my Tarot Business Facebook Group which was to the degree of how could they become more comfortable with who they are and what they stand for and also what is awesome about my version of “unique” so I could help them be more comfortable with their own version of “unique”.  I really loved this writing prompt and as I am 100% behind themes of SELF EMPOWERMENT, I was very flattered to say the least, and decided to take this challenge head on. I just want to inspire those from all walks of life to become self-empowered because society puts way too much pressure on all of us to live up to a certain standard or set of rules. Well you know what Miss Marilyn Monroe said…

“If I’d observed all the rules, I’d never have got anywhere.”


So without further adieu, I have chosen 7 Tarot Cards that really demonstrate the process of becoming confident in who you are, what you stand for and let you live the life you truly desire and DESERVE to live!

7 Tarot Cards That Will Transform Your Life


1. 6 of Wands 

7 Tarot Cards That Will Transform Your Life


This card symbolizes a figure marching in on their fancy white horse. These validation-seeking narcissists are showing off their material possessions for all the world to see, and it makes us kind of feel like we have to live up to that illusion that we also need to own these “dream” items to be happy in life. We’ve all been there! This really kind of starts in our childhood: your friend gets a new doll or toy from their parents for no reason at all and you wonder what they did that was so special for the reasons as to why they got this toy. You ask your parents if they’ll buy you one and they shoot you a look like, “What makes you so special, it’s not your birthday or christmas, etc.” In middle school it switches to the best clothes, purses, backpacks, who has what name brands,etc. In high school it’s who has the nicest car or gets accepted to the best colleges. Out of college it’s who gets the best jobs, who’s getting married, who has the nicest wedding or biggest house, and who’s having babies all before the age of 30. Chances are if you haven’t achieved any of these “milestones” around the same time, you start feeling extremely pressured which in turn sends you into a downward spiral of depression and has you feeling less than worthy of anything in life. It happens to the best of us… but WHY? Because society places these “Brules” on us. “Brules” as coined by Vishen Lakhiani, founder and CEO of Mindvalley Academy,  are “Bullshit Rules”. These ‘Bullshit Rules” that are put in place by society are designed to keep us living in lack. Living this way will make us feel like we’ll NEVER have enough. Some of the wealthiest people aren’t even happy. It’s time to ask ourselves, “What do I REALLY want?” We want to FEEL fulfilled, don’t we? Well it’s time to stop following the herd…


2. The Hierophant

7 Tarot Cards That Will Transform Your Life


The Hierophant depicts a religious figure sitting upon his throne with people below him, seeming to be all ears, waiting for him to give them orders. This card represents a sense of conformity, be it organized religion, in the workplace, in school settings, or can represent conformity in society itself. These “Bullshit Rules” as stated in the last card, are set in place by society to make us FEEL like we have to conform to the “normal” ways of life in order to fulfill our “life purpose”. We’re born, we go to school, we go to college, we get a job, we get married, we have a baby, we retire, THEN maybe we get to live a little, then we die. Is that really the way us humans were intended to live our lives? At what point in this preplanned timeline do we actually get to fulfill our ACTUAL life’s purpose? At what point in all of this do we get to do what we WANT to do instead of what we HAVE to do, according to the status quo. In order to truly be free of this made up ideal, we have to stop waiting for the proverbial Hierophant to give us the ok, or the validation that we need to live the lives we truly want for ourselves. We don’t need approval from anyone but ourselves. It’s time to ask ourselves, “What do I need to DO, in order to live the life I truly want?”


3. 5 of Wands

7 Tarot Cards That Will Transform Your Life


It is very apparent that the figure in this card is spending a lot of their time and energy, possibly defending themselves or their own reasons for doing the things they want to do. This card represents a struggle resulting in disagreement, tension or conflict, perhaps with the people in our lives who think they know what’s best for us. Here’s the thing: We don’t need the approval from our family or friends to live the lives we want. Nope, not even our parents, who often think they know best. And while they might, and their advice is great, it shouldn’t have us feeling like a prisoner or that we don’t have the right as an adult to make our own choices based on the many options life brings our way. The thing about advice is, it’s like that extra credit project in school. It’s completely optional! There is no rule in life that says we HAVE to follow any sort of advice. And most often than not, if we follow advice the first time we get it, it leaves us no room to learn some very valuable lessons that we can take with us through the rest of our lives. That is why we get better with age, because we have all of this wisdom under our belt. And it’s so natural to want to use all of this wisdom on our own children one day, but they’re those young adults we once were, trying to find their own way in life too. And they have the right to choose the path they see fit for themselves too! It’s a vicious cycle… That is why I say, there are no mistakes, there are only lessons that have been learned. So when these people we know who care so deeply for us think they should have some say in the decisions we make, just remember that the truth is they are not the ones who ultimately have to live with them. If we are miserable in our lives, in that job, or in that relationship, then we have our own responsibility to ourselves to make that change.


4. The Chariot

7 Tarot Cards That Will Transform Your Life


This card to me is kind of the midpoint in this life process. It is the 4th card right smack in the middle of this 7 card journey of life and self-acceptance. It is bridging the gap between our old and soon to be new ways of thinking, which we will get to in our last but VERY transformational 3 cards. The Chariot represents a newfound sense of self awareness. This figure has alchemical symbols on his tunic which represent the spiritual transformation of man. This person knows who they want to be and what they want to become, but there are still some challenges they face with breaking free from that past filled with the blockages that have been holding them back all of that time up until now, whether it be self-destructive habits, abusive relationships, living in lack, trying to live up to the standards of others, listening and caring too much about the opinions of others, following advice that doesn’t hold true to their personal values, etc. This person is aware that all of that needs to change, and because they are now aware, it will be much easier for them to take steps in order for them to create that change. The Chariot is armed with the wand of the Magician, so they now have the power to create and manifest the life of their dreams. However, this won’t be easy because as humans, once we start seeing progress, we think it is ok to sit back little, and this natural resistance toward change can cause a serious relapse. We start reverting back to old habits and this can make us even more depressed and vulnerable than we were to begin with. It is important to push through this resistance to ultimately get to where we want to be. This card is all about taking this newfound sense of self awareness and managing a balance between the old and new ways of thinking. This figure is balancing both the light and dark energies of their inner self. The light is their desire to change, the dark is their self-sabotaging shadow aspect and resistance, both together causing a bit of internal conflict. Some other notable things about this card is that you can see a city behind the figure, so this can symbolize them turning their back on the materialistic standards of society, the opinions of others, and really coming into their own in being able to form their own opinions. This figure also holds no reigns on the two beasts that lie before him. I interpret this as, if we can truly break free from the reigns that society places on our ability to think for ourselves, then we can truly gain the inner power we need to manifest anything we set our minds to. It is time to WAKE UP!


5. Strength

7 Tarot Cards That Will Transform Your Life


Once we can harness the power of The Chariot in recognizing what needs to change and stop resisting our own ability to change, it is really amazing what kind of transformation can take place. The Strength card of the tarot is the next step in coming into your own new persona. The figure in this card has their hands around the mouth of a lion, which to society, might resemble self-sabotage, flirting with disaster, a death-wish, or even metaphorical suicide. What they don’t realize is that someone who has braved the journey of those first 4 cards of life, cannot really be tamed anymore, so to speak. This newly emerged person is living 100% in their own truth, which is apparent in the purity of the symbolic white robe and infinity symbol which the figure on the card is crowned with. They are confident, they are courageous, and most importantly they are in control of their own life. No one’s negative opinions about the way they should live their lives even matter to them at this point. They’ve endured their hardships and went through their whole process of self discovery which is apparent in that mountain in the background. This person may still have many opinions thrown at them from every which way, but they are no longer swayed in their ability to make the decisions they know are truly right for them. The more we listen to our own inner voice, the closer to spirit we grow, and the closer to spirit we grow, the more intuitive we ultimately become. When we are in touch with our own intuitive nature, we are able to live in truth and in turn that enables us to live more abundantly and fulfilled as displayed by the bountiful flowers displayed in the adornments of this figure’s clothing. They are no longer living in lack and are grateful for all of the lessons they learned along their journey, because without those, they would not be able to live in their present state of fulfillment, confidence, and inner strength.


6. Queen of Swords

7 Tarot Cards That Will Transform Your Life


This card represents someone who is extremely perceptive and pretty much set in the way they take on the world. The Queen on this card sits high on her throne, her sword pointed toward the clear blue sky and her other hand extends as if to welcome the challenges that others may try to throw her way. There is nothing that anyone can say or do to throw her off her game at this point. She has reached ultimate attainment of her self-confidence and has risen above all who try to cloud her self judgement. At this point in her life she is thinking completely independently and her new mindset is really enabling her to live life on her own terms. The little bird flying over her head might symbolize her ability to adapt as birds often do when they shift their environment during their own transformational process such as migration. They are leaving the dead barren lands of winter to arrive at a much warmer bountiful place that is abundant with life and possibility! The queen of swords represents our own sense of self as we have gone through this journey of self-discovery. We have migrated from the mental blocks and old thought patterns of self-loathing and doubt in order to adapt to our new mindset and independent way of thinking. We are no longer those caged little birds expected to live how others expect us to. We are now free to spread those wings and fly, get out and change the world! That brings us to our last card…


7. The High Priestess

7 Tarot Cards That Will Transform Your Life


This card reminds me of a quote by Gabby Bernstein (a great personal development mentor to so many) about her experience when she had her “AHA!” moment while sitting in a yoga studio watching a video of her own mentor, the great Kundalini master, Yogi Bhajan. In his talk he said, “I am not here to create disciples, I’m here to create teachers.” She explains, “I was blown away by this statement. His simple sentence changed the path of my career, my purpose, and my life.” The point I am trying to make here is that what good is the journey if you have nothing to teach to others who are just as lost as you once were? The High Priestess represents that nurturing figure, keeper of secrets, and holder of arcane knowledge. She has been through it all, and she knows herself so well. She is the master of her own inner voice and her intuitive guidance represented by the moon at her feet, enriches the lives of so many others. She is a spiritual guide and mentor for all who are willing to open their minds and learn from her as well. She sits between pillars of light and darkness and the cross that she wears is a symbol of balance between male and female energies. She can take on the role of a leader (male), but she can also be nurturing and motherly (female). Her true abundance, symbolized by the pomegranates of Persephone, comes at this stage when she is acquainted with all there is to know, which she can in turn share with her own disciples, which in turn go through their own process and become the High Priestess themselves. As this cycle continues, we will have more and more people waking up to the idea that anything is possible and adapting to their own sense of self-worth, not by society’s materialistic standards, but by what truly makes them happy in their core. Living their true life’s purpose and being a service to others is the ultimate sense of fulfillment (Insert The World Card Here)!


So let’s just briefly recap here a bit so we can really understand how we can reach that goal of self-love and personal fulfillment, while also remaining true to ourselves: 

1. Stop comparing yourself to others. This will always set you up for “lack” and never keep you fulfilled! Practice your GRATITUDE!

2. Stop conforming to society’s standards. Society doesn’t have to deal with it when you wake up unfulfilled at 80 one day and realize you didn’t really live your life by your own terms.

3. Stop listening to the opinions of people who don’t believe in you or agree with your life choices. They also don’t have to deal with the things that make you miserable or unfulfilled on a daily basis.

4. Become self-aware of negative thought patterns or actions in order to make positive changes, and also be able to push past the resistance in order to reach your goals. (*hint* – this is a great time to get a life coach or find a mastermind group to cheer you on! These VIP will hold you accountable for the things you say you will do.)

5. Embrace your inner strength and and harness your confidence as if you were grabbing a lion by the mouth! Confidence speaks volumes! Stop caring what others think, it’s not important.

6. Adapt to new ways of independent thinking and your life will transform! Embracing our own individuality is what makes us all unique in our own way, and putting your own personal spin on your message is what will resonate with the tribe you will naturally attract.

7. Be of service! “Teaching is the one profession that creates all other professions.” When we get into the field of personal development, not only does it enable us to live abundantly by simply being true to ourselves and our message, it also enables all of our students, and our student’s students and so on, to do so.

It’s creating the most epic domino effect of world change than you even know…

Do you have a story about your own personal journey to fulfillment that you’d like to share?

Please do so in the comments! 

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