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5 Ways To Remedy an Overwhelming Week | Tarot Advice

Tarot Advice: 5 Ways to Remedy an Overwhelming Week

Situation/Action/Outcome Spread depicts the Page of Pentacles, 3 of Swords, and Page of Wands of the Original Rider-Waite Tarot Deck.

Hello Tarot Junkies!
Are you having a rough week?  This week, it seems as though some people around me are going through some hardships and frustrations. I pulled a few cards just to kind of see what is going on, and this hardship is very apparent in our 3 or swords card. This card can indicate hardship, heartache, pain, sorrow, grief, frustration, all of these things that are really weighing on our minds. It can often make it feel like the whole world is weighing on our shoulders.



Today I’m going with the spread SITUATION/ACTION/OUTCOME to try to shift our perspective a bit, so that we don’t feel so overwhelmed by this crazy thing called life.

Today’s Cards from the Original Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

Situation Card – Page of Pentacles

Action Card – 3 of Swords 

Outcome Card – Page of Wands

The Page as we know, represents a kind of that Fresh Start and is mostly seen as an optimistic card. I think it is very interesting that this spread is bookended by the Pages (pentacles and wands). Maybe this is indicating that throughout the start and end of our journeys, we have this either fresh (start) or fulfilled (finish) feeling… but it is often the JOURNEY ITSELF that we have the most trouble with. The Page also represents a messenger from higher source, and the message is: There are going to be HARDSHIPS along our journey… and that is ok. It is all about accepting that these things do happen, and not being deterred from the little (or sometimes BIG) bumps in the road.

Page of Pentacles is suggesting that we need to remain grounded in our approach toward all of these hardships… but the Page of Wands is insisting that NO changes can be made for the better unless we TAKE ACTION… BE PROACTIVE. Only we are responsible for the change in our own lives. That is the beauty of being human, we have this little tool available to us, called FREE WILL! It is OUR lives, and we can make any changes that we need, in order to feel more balanced and fulfilled.

Here are 5 Ways To Remedy an Overwhelming Week:

1. REGROUP – So before we get all bent out of shape about all the many things that can go SO wrong… Let’s stop for a second, breathe, ground ourselves. We can do this by meditating, or if that’s not your style, then perhaps a simple breathing exercise, or just calmly paying attention to our own thoughts for a moment. So much builds up in our subconscious, and if it gets ignored long enough, it can create an overwhelming sense of “the shit hitting the fan”. Trust me! I’ve been so guilty of this myself! Here is an excellent guided meditation courtesy of my personal mentor, Kristen Burkhardt-Hanson of the Heart to Heart Institute, in which she helps us connect to our spirit guides in order to gain clarity and focus in finding the answers we need to take the proper courses of action!

2. WRITE IT DOWN – Make a numbered list on paper if we have to, of all the things that are troubling you right now.

3. EVALUATE – Next let’s take a look at the things on that list.
◦   Which ones are IN your control right now?
◦   Which ones are OUT of your control right now?

4. TAKE ACTION – Let’s take care of the things that are IN our control. Let’s deal with those first, because once those things are off of our plate, it makes dealing with everything else that much easier. And as for the things that are beyond our control, sometimes there really is nothing we can do, and all we can do is wait it out. Such is life, my friend… such is life.

Example of Something IN our control: Car Troubles, Jobless, Unhappy in Our Current Jobs or Relationships.

Examples of Actions to Take for things that are IN our control: We can take our car to the shop and get the problem fixed, we can proactively seek out additional work at least to make ends meet until you find something more stable, we can leave that relationship that is making us feel unappreciated and unhappy. We CHOOSE not to do these things out of fear, but they are all 100% doable, if that’s what you CHOOSE to do.

Example of Something OUT of our control: You applied to a new job, or health insurance, or are waiting to hear news from someone regarding your options or status of application. When our ability to achieve something lies in someone else’s hands, then it becomes out of our control… but at least you TRIED. That is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING!

Health – I think this teeters on the edge of something that is both In and Out of our control. We are only human and can’t control when our bodies decide to betray us. But what we CAN do is put actions into place to PREVENT illness or if it’s something chronic, then do more things that help alleviate it. A better diet, exercise,  reducing or quitting smoking, drinking, or narcotics are all things we can do to reduce the risk of illness. If you are already ill whether it’s temporary illness or something more threatening, seek the treatment or medical professional help. It also always helps to have some holistic options to coincide with that, to enhance that balance of mind, body, and spirit. 

5. ASK FOR HELP – Let’s not get too overwhelmed with what seems like THE SHITTIEST WEEK EVER. We’re all human, we all go through this. You are not alone. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, or advice. Chances are, someone else has been through the exact same thing and can help. Delegate tasks or if you have the funds, pay for assistance. There are endless options!

What is the message that YOU are seeing in the cards?
What do YOU need help with?
What are your thoughts?
Do You Have Your Own Tips to Remedy an Overwhelming Week?

Discuss in the comments!

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