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T-Day Tarot: 10 of Cups

Happy Thanksgiving!

10 of Cups From the Rider Waite Tarot Deck

I think the 10 of Cups is the best card to represent today! This card is all about the many blessings and love that are enriching our lives! It is a card symbolizing gratitude and just pausing to be grateful for all the beautiful things that have manifested for us over the course of the year.

And as my mentor,  Kristen Burkhardt-Hanson of Heart to Heart Institute has mentioned in one of her recent posts, Today is not about the material things, and most certainly not about the sales, or waiting in long lines, or battling crowds for that last flat screen tv or latest gadget. Not everyone has the luxury of spending today with their families. Some have to work, or some are off fighting for our country, to keep us safe while we celebrate with our parades, or in our safe warm homes. 

Just value the people in your lives to today who fill you with joy, and makes your lives that much more special, whether they’re near or far…

I don’t have a super long post today, but I did want to pop in, and say that I’m so thankful today for all of you I have met over the past year that have filled my lives with that much more love, positivity, and inspiration! I thank you for your knowledge, and your gifts of teaching and insight, new friendships, and laughter!



Aside from this card I wanted to shed a little light on for today, I also wanted to extend an invitation to anyone of you who might not have the luxury of spending today or any of the holidays with your family. Kristen Burkhardt-Hanson of the Heart to Heart Institute is hosting a radio show this evening to discuss families who are struggling with unfortunate situations this year. In this show, you will Learn 10 Ways to Manage the Holidays by Busting Out of the Blues and Gaining Clarity and Perspective!

Here is a little Blurb from Kristen, straight from her Facebook Invitation to the Show:

“We’ll be sharing our own personal insightful and supportive tips for 10 of life’s biggest challenges that deeply impact your home and family during the holidays. You’ll learn helpful ways to you manage stress and anxiety as you navigate your way to your new normal.

We’ll be discussing:
1. Divorce
2. Critical Illness
3. Unemployment
4. Families Separated
5. Family Feuds/In-Laws
6. People who are Alone
7. People who have to Work
8. Death and Loss
9. Staying Sober
10. World Tragedies

We’ll also be opening up the phones for you to share your personal stories and share any tips you may have or receive love and support from our community! If you’re alone this holiday PLEASE make it a point to come share your evening with us.


Through a special Global Candle Light Ceremony we’re initiating (you’ll be able to join in) we’ll help you break out of the holiday blues to gain CLARITY and PERSPECTIVE of what IS GOOD, right now, and how to take that through the holiday season! You’ll need a white candle, something to light it with, small pieces of paper maybe 2×3 inches max, and something to write with.

Depending on where you are in the world listening, please feel free to gather your family around your computer and open your hearts to WHATS POSSIBLE instead of WHATS WRONG! And as always you’re welcome to listen to the replay at your convenience”

If you need some support this Thanksgiving, definitely tune in! If not, catch the replay! 


Happy Thanksgiving to All!

What card represents today for YOU?

Feel free to add your input in the comments!

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